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The history and bloodlines of Adel v.Leonberg have passed to White Cliff Shepherds.

Since 1981, we've specialized in very white, short coated German Shepherds with very strong black pigment, good temperament and high intelligence - ideal for service dogs or family pets.

We have also had double coated white Shepherds with caramel saddles. As a breeder, trainer and owner I offer my own testimonial of the deep connections I have shared with all my German Shepherds.

Our breeding dogs earn their CGC and OFA certification. We give a hip and health guarantee on all of our pups, worm them twice and treat them for coccidiosis. Our puppies are proven to be trainable in both Schutzhund and Service work, but as a pet you will never have one that is more loyal than the White German Shepherd. As a trainer, I am willing to keep your pups for up to twelve weeks at the boarding cost of $200 per week so that when your puppy arrives it will be potty trained and adept in the seven basic commands (come, sit, stay, down, off, heal, no). We guarantee you will be satisfied, however should there be a problem we are more than willing to work with you to place your puppy in another home.

Each of our puppies are very well socialized, born and raised in our home among our children and other canine friends. They receive individual care and attention daily.

White German Shepherds

The White Shepherd is a direct descendant of the German Shepherd, emerging from white-coated German Shepherd bloodlines. Its high degree of intelligence and sense of loyalty have allowed it to become one of the most versatile working dogs (or pets) in existence.

“The White Shepherd demonstrates beauty, brawn, and brains. This breed is noble, intelligent, loyal, alert, and versatile,” says AWSA president Diana Updike. “White Shepherds are first and foremost loving family companions. However, they thoroughly enjoy performance activities such as Sheep Herding, Agility, Obedience, Dock Diving, Weight Pull, Lure Coursing, and Tracking. The White Shepherd also excels in Therapy Dog, Service Dog, and Search and Rescue work. They are truly the ‘total dog.’

The White Shepherd has a distinct personality marked by self-confidence. The breed is poised, but when the situation demands, they are eager, alert and ready to serve in any capacity. White Shepherds demonstrate both herding and protective instincts. With those they know, the White Shepherd is open and friendly. With strangers, they are observant and may be somewhat aloof but not apprehensive.

They enjoy running, playing fetch or any activity with their human family. This is a joyful, active, intelligent and easy to train working dog with the ability to adapt and integrate to all kinds of social events and situations. Timidity in a mature dog or aggressive behavior is not typical of this breed. White Shepherds are very loyal and tend to be especially protective of the young of various species. With their playful and curious personalities, they make wonderful companions although some do have the tendency toward being quite vocal by exhibiting whining, grunting, moaning and sometimes howling.

History of White Shepherds

The color “White” can be traced back to the roots of the German Shepherd Dog. Information provided in early books on the German Shepherd Dog, such as “The Alsatian Wolf-Dog” written by George Horowitz in 1923 as well as “The German Shepherd, Its History. Development and Genetics” written by M. B. Willis In 1977 make mention of White German Shepherds shown in Europe as early as 1882. “Der Deutsche Schaferhund In Wort Und Bild” written by Rittmeister Max Von Stephanitz, the architect of the breed, in 1921 included a photo of a White German Shepherd directly descended from Horand (mentioned later herein), and “The Complete German Shepherd” published by Milo Denlinger in 1947 included an illustration of a White German Shepherd from Northern Germany

It is a historical fact that a White German Shepherd was the Grandsire of Horand von Grafrath, born In 1895, the dog who is acknowledged as the foundation dog of contemporary German Shepherd Dog bloodlines — from that time forward, the Color white had a genetic pool within the color variations of the German Shepherd Dog.

In the United States, the White German Shepherd appears throughout the history of the breed. In the early 1920’s, Ann Tracy (who owned one of the first two German Shepherd champions on record In America), Imported some of the finest German show stock to this country and white puppies showed up immediately in her litters. In 1917, the first White German Shepherds were registered with the American Kennel Cub from Ann Tracy’s kennels. In the 1920’s, German-bred White German Shepherds were imported to the United States by H. N. Hanchett of Minnesota.